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Midlands Accountants, McGregors provide mentoring prize to growing entrepreneurs

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Midlands Accountants McGregors provide mentoring prize to new, young (as well as not so young) and growing entrepreneurs

McGregors Corporate, the Midlands based firm of entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers have provided further support to online accounts and book-keeping business, Squeezeonline and their growing entrepreneurial client base by providing a free business mentoring and growth service as a prize to selected users of Squeeze.  Squeeze is a new full online accounts service developed with Sage in the UK and offers a total accounting, book-keeping and annual accounts and tax returns service through a cloud based system.

As part of the launch in February and from the summer 2012 onwards, Squeeze will select one business a month from their registered customers who submit a two page summary of their business and plans for the future to to benefit from this mentoring prize which is worth thousands of pounds in professionals support.

McGregors Corporate have agreed to provide a business mentoring service for a two year period for the selected winners of this business draw.

McGregors, together with a number of other businesses, have already developed a business growth support service to larger growing businesses and this is called Vivifi, and the ethos of this support is included within the free support to Squeeze users.

The free business mentoring includes:

  • Review of business plan and advice and support to build on missing areas and build the business going forward
  • Monthly board meetings by telephone and Skype as continued support
  • Utilisation of Squeeze accounts to control and monitor the business
  • Assistance to build customer, supplier and support networks
  • Assistance with appropriate structures for growth
  • Virtual FD service to build a robust growing business
  • Access to contact base of McGregors
  • Assistance with finance and tax on a one to one basis

Jason Seagrave, a partner in McGregors in Nottingham stated, “We see Squeeze as an important and low costs support service and product to small and growing owner managed businesses and we are committed to helping Squeeze develop their brand and product throughout the UK.  We have helped Squeeze develop their product including online training videos and business articles for their website to help small businesses with online information.

We have, therefore, also provided this support package as a valuable “prize” to the selected customers who wish to take part by submitting their brief business plan to Squeeze.  We see this as a really valuable way to help these businesses grow and we do encourage young entrepreneurs to take part in this as we do see young entrepreneurs as a crucial part of the future success and growth of the UK economy.  All in all, we see that this kind of prize would prove to be far more valuable and worthwhile than the usual memory stick or computer mouse mat”

Squeeze was launched in February 2012 and is being developed and promoted with Sage throughout 2012.  The promotion and potential free mentoring service will be available from 2012 and will be available to the current and new customers that are using the Squeeze online accounting and book-keeping service.  The promotion will run for a year with one business a month being selected to benefit from this valuable support.

For full details of Squeeze and the service that it provides can be found at their website,, and there is a brief video of why Squeeze works, helps small businesses and is so cheap at

Squeeze also has articles and blogs at

Steven Mugglestone BA FCA,
Finance Director Services
McGregors Corporate, Entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers
…….Really good for your business

McGregors Corporate are a Member of Probiz Tax, providing Innovative Tax Solutions to Owner Managed Businesses.

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March 18, 2012 at 4:29 pm

Midlands Accountants MGC Hayles Rank in UK Top 3 for Social Media Followers:

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Logo final In a recent survey, MGC Hayles, the midlands based Independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Advisers are ranked third in the UK when compared to social media Twitter followers.  The survey was carried out to see how the top 20 accountants in the UK are using social media for both communication with their clients and the public in general as well as using the media for publication of articles and announcements.

The survey shows that only international accountancy giants, PWC and Deloitte, have more followers for their UK Twitter sites than the firm which has offices in Birmingham, Nottingham and recently in Leicester.

 Firm UK Twitter account




 Deloitte DeloitteUK


 MGC Hayles MGC_Hayles




 BDO bdoaccountant


 Baker Tilley BakerTilley


 Kingston Smith kingstonsmith


 Ernst & Young EY_UKI




 Haines Watts haineswatts


 Grant Thornton GrantThornton


 RSM Tenon RSMTenonPR


 UHY Hacker Young UHYHackerYoung


 Smitth & Williamson SmithWilliamson


 Moores Stephens UK MooreStephensUK


 Mazars Mazars_UK


 MacIntyre Hudson MHUpdates


 Begbies Traynor Begbies


* Three firms in top 20 Twitter accounts could not be found
 * Survery taken 3 March 2012 (followers change daily)


MGC Hayles utilise Twitter and a variety of blogs and articles to circulate information and updates for business and tax issues and see the media as a great platform to somewhat level the playing field when it comes to competing against the marketing budgets of large international companies.

MGC Hayles do see themselves as a new breed of entrepreneurial chartered accountants and business advisers are using both new technology and their senior team and partners’ wide and varied business experience to develop their business in the midlands region through a number of innovative ways.  They are working with social media and are also will to share their experiences in social media with their clients in a recent article.

Partner, Steven Mugglestone, who has worked within the top accountancy firms as well as a number of years as a finance director outlined, “Whilst we are very much a firm of accountants dedicated to owner managed businesses, we have also started to develop and channel both technology and our hands on business experience to create a number of ways that we can help support and grow SME businesses.

For start-up and small businesses, we have helped develop Squeeze,, together with leading accounting software providers Sage UK,, which is a very cost effective way for small businesses to maintain their entire bookkeeping and accounts up to date and online as well as their year-end accounts and tax returns, which is safe, secure and cheap.

We have also worked to develop Vivifi Growth Groups,, which acts as crucial support to growing businesses to help them grow as if there were a much larger organisation with support in sales, strategy, costs reduction, cash control, legal support and FD support, based around a monthly workshop programme and board meeting.

We work closely with Universities in the region and we are also building on our support activity for young entrepreneurs, from Young Enterprise onwards, as we see young business people, under the age of 35 as crucial to the future success of the region’s economy as well as the UK.  We see Squeeze as a key accounting support to the young entrepreneur and we are now working on mentoring support to help small and growing businesses develop, who we hope could eventually benefit from being part of a Vivifi business growth group.

We are also very keen to continue to work with both new technologies and businesses that are developing both alternative energy sources and are seeking to develop cleaner technologies and recycling technologies.”

MGC Hayles have a number of online activities, blogs and business support developments and these can be found at the sites below

Steven Mugglestone BA FCA
Finance Director Services
MGC Hayles, Entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers
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Logo final


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March 4, 2012 at 9:16 am

Why we are supporting & why small businesses should check it out now:

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Why we are supporting Squeeze and why small businesses should check it out now


We are helping both develop and launch their innovative and cost-effective (in other words cheap) accounting system in the UK, together with the support of Sage UK,  We are doing this as we see it as a unique full accounting package that offers book-keeping, management accounts, cash control, payroll, year-end statutory accounts and tax computations in one area, at one low monthly fee.  We see it, therefore, as a system and product that many accountants cannot match for innovation and cost.  We also see it as a system that brings “power to the people” and puts small businesses in the driving seat and in a position that they have never been able to achieve at such a low cost.  In our view it is a “no-brainer.”  We cannot provide this support and innovation at such a low cost and neither do we believe can most other accountants.  Squeeze, therefore, offers a truly brilliant package for small businesses to take control.

Instead of us trying to explain this, we have, therefore, extracted a piece from the website that explains why a small business should Squeeze their accounts and tax.

When you are running a business, accounts and tax returns and issues surrounding these tend to be the last on the to-do list.  Big businesses do not operate this way as control, accounting, cash and tax are very much high on the agenda and form part of the key reasons why successful big businesses remain as successful big businesses.

Why is good accounting important?
Businesses do not generally fail because they do not have good ideas, or good customers, or great marketing or product.  Businesses generally fail because they run out of cash.

Yet the two areas above appear to be at two ends of the spectrum.  Cash and control of cash is the most important thing for a business to consider yet accounting is the last thing that a business, particularly a small business wants to consider and, worse still, actually manage.

The current bad practice
Many, many small businesses carry out their accounting in the same way, using systems that range from piles of paper, through to various inter-linked spread-sheets and, those in control, a variety of software packages.  These operate, whilst the business may check the bank account separately, but the connection and relationship between accounts and bank is mostly loose and sometime non-existent.

Needless to say, many small businesses do not really know how they are doing until they “hand-over” their accounting information either by way of plastic bag or back-up file to their accountant, who months later tells them that they have made a profit or loss and lets them know if any tax needs to be paid.

You then get a bill, on top of the software licence, if you have a system at all.

All of this does not put you, as the business owner in control; it does not really help you manage your business or make appropriate decisions based on facts; it does not help you control cash, the most important life-blood to your business and it costs you too much time and money to tell you something that is months out of date.

It does not have to be this way and Squeeze aims to prove why and how.

Keeping the records
All businesses recognise that they have a legal duty to retain their accounting records.  This can be files, boxes of papers, back-ups of spread-sheets or other computer files.  To do this requires storage space and the need of back-ups and file maintenance systems.  Squeeze is a secure cloud based system that ensures that you are fully backed up and your records are safe so you do not have to worry any more.

The Accountant
Many small businesses want advice and help, particularly with tax, but do not see that meeting their accountant to discuss accounting information that is months out of date as being very worthwhile.  Many dread the meeting and most do not see the point.  At the end of it all, many do not see how the cost to their business can be justified.

The issues facing accountants
Traditional accountants still use a charging structure that is based on time and charge by the hour, many by six minute units.  Preparing accounts from manual records or un-reconciled computer records can be time consuming and many UK accountants will either seek to recover this time in a high fee or
seek to sub-contract the work overseas, and sometimes this sub-contracting is not disclosed to the client.

Squeeze utilises the latest web based technology to keep costs low and bring together the needs of a small business for accounting and cash control with the year-end accounts and tax computations linked to an accountants systems to ensure that the work and accounts preparation are seem-less and efficient.

The Solution
Squeeze is powered by Sage, one of the UK’s leading accounting software systems for SME business, and specifically utilises Sage One, an on-line secure web-based system that is a practical accounts package for small businesses from sole-traders to 20+ employees.

The key attributes of Squeeze are easily identified as:

  • An easy to use book-keeping system that keeps you in control of your accounting
  • A secure online system to ensure that your records are backed up and protected
  • An easy to use accounting system that ensures you’re your management accounts will give you the information you need to manage, control and drive your small business
  • Full training on-line of how to use Squeeze and how to make your accounting fun and easy to use
  • A system to ensure that you control your cash and bank balances on line
  • A fully integrated system that ensures production of your year-end statutory accounts and related tax returns, filed when you are happy and fully informed
  • Help along the way as Squeeze can see, support and advise you when things go a little off-piste
  • The piece of mind of never having to worry that you are going to be late with filing at Companies House or HMRC
  • If you choose, all of this without the need to see an accountant
  • Access to advice for accounts, tax, finance and business with our fully qualified UK based accountants, if you want further support and help

How can accounting be fun?
has prepared detailed training videos to walk you through every step.  We have also worked closely with Sage to ensure that they book-keeping system is simple and easy to use and help is available throughout the whole process from raising an invoice through to paying a bill and seeing how you are doing.  There is no mystique or jargon and the whole purpose of Squeeze is to ensure that you are in control.

Further support if needed
You do not have to be alone, as you will have access to a helpline to speak to fully qualified UK based accountants.

If you are looking for further help with your business to grow, arrange finance, seek further help with tax or wealth management matters, the Squeeze helpline will point you in the right direction and help you with those areas as well.

Who is it aimed for
The simple answer is any small business whether you are a sole-trader, sub-contractor, consultant, retailer or small businesses employing up to 20 or more employees, Squeeze will provide your business with a full accounting system and support to allow you to manage and drive your business, without the hassle or costs that other business face.

Established Operating Businesses
If you are an already established and operating small business, it is very straightforward to transfer over your opening position into Squeeze and then start to benefit from the control and low cost that Squeeze offers.  Just call us now, sign up and Squeeze will talk you through what is needed.  And yes, Sage One also deals with payroll so this is also integrated into the Squeezeonline system.

But I’m married to the Book-keeper
This is not a problem as you do not need to get a divorce or separate.  If you are either married to your book-keeper or they are life-long friends who you want to retain, Squeeze gives them the power and control they have not previously had.

Does Sage One sort it all
Sage One provides the general book-keeping and management accounts, but it does not provide your year-end accounts and tax returns.  You will still have to arrange for an accountant to complete those.  Squeeze provides the full service with access to qualified accountants when you need one.

The cost that seals the deal
is incredibly cost effective, as it brings together a robust, up to date accounting system that provides online backup and storage with year-end accounts and tax computations filing and maintenance for one very low monthly fee.  Software licence, online systems, year-end statutory accounts, year-end tax returns, and if you need it, payroll together with full back-up security for all files, all for one monthly fee.

From reviews carried out by Squeeze, we know that the system provides the most cost-effective support that is available today.   

It is made easy for you
has been made to be easy, cost effective but incredibly powerful to put all of your accounts and tax systems in one area in order to put you in control.

Together with Sage One, system and operational support is available 24/7 and qualified accountants are on-hand to help as well.

The view from Squeeze is not why would any small business look to use the Squeeze system, but really why would any small business continue to waste money on other methods or expensive accountants and still not benefit from the control and power that Squeeze offers.

Check out how to Squeeze

Steven Mugglestone BA FCA,
Finance Director Services
McGregors Corporate, Entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers
…….Really good for your business

McGregors Corporate are a Member of Probiz Tax, providing Innovative Tax Solutions to Owner Managed Businesses.

T: 0845 519 5659                T: 0121 236 3317

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February 10, 2012 at 5:47 pm

Squeeze, Low Cost Accounts and Tax Service by Rock Star Accountants, launching soon:

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Squeeze, Low Cost Accounts and Tax Service by Rock Star Accountants, launching soon:

Together with Sage, McGregors Corporate are very proud and pleased to be associated with the launch and promotion of Squeeze,, an easy to use and low cost on-line accounts and tax solution for small and growing businesses.

Squeeze is an incredible low cost online accounts and tax service for sole traders, start-ups, sub-contractors and a variety of small and growing businesses.

Powered by and launched in partnership with Sage One,, Squeeze provides monthly on-line book-keeping, management accounts, instant reporting and seamless year-end accounts and tax returns.

Maintain your up to date business accounts, year-end accounts and tax returns, all in one place and for one low-cost monthly fee.

Always up to date and never miss a filing deadline, without having to send your books to an accountant. A powerful, easy, quick and, dare we say fun, way of managing your business.

Cloud based technology and accountancy and tax expertise working together to provide a low cost accounts and tax service solution for start-up businesses, sole-traders, sub-contractors, small and growing businesses in the UK.

Steven Mugglestone BA FCA,
Finance Director Services
McGregors Corporate, Entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers
…….Really good for your business

McGregors Corporate are a Member of Probiz Tax, providing Innovative Tax Solutions to Owner Managed Businesses.

T: 0845 519 5659                T: 0121 236 3317

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