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Saving 20% on your Tax Bill would be a Benefit wouldn’t it?

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Saving  20% on your Tax Bill would be a Benefit wouldn’t it?

Do you want to reduce your tax burden?

Have you made a capital gain in the last 3 years.  Have you considered reclaiming the tax?

Inheritance Tax – Have you considered all the solutions? We assist with BPR wrappers, discounted gift trusts and QNOPs.

Are you buying a property for more than £250,000?  Significant savings can be made on purchase costs.  Ask for your “Stamp Duty Strategy” now.  Example – £8,000 saving on a £500,000 property.

Have you really claimed all the capital allowances on your commercial properties?  It is known that on average 20% of the build cost can be reclaimed.  The average claim is only 3%

Have you purchased a holiday home in the UK or the EU in the last 3 years?  Have you considered claiming capital allowances against your personal tax bill?  Our specialist claim department dedicated to your needs can help.

Are you going to move abroad?  Your pension could be significantly enhanced.

Do you need finance in the next 7 days?  Secured bridging finance is available.

Aged 55 to 62?  Not drawing your pension yet? – Did you know you could release money from your pension now?

Pensions auto-enrolment begins in 2012 – Start planning now with a McGregors Advisor.  Here are 5 things every employer should know about pension auto-enrolment:

  • The new ‘employer duties’ under the terms of the Pensions Act 2008 will come into force from 1st October 2012.  At the extreme it could be a criminal offence for employers to ‘wilfully fail to comply with specified duties’.
  • Under these duties employers with one or more eligible employees will have to enrol them into something called a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme.  Such a scheme must meet certain standards.
  • Under the duty employers will also be required to contribute a minimum percentage of an employees Qualifying Earnings if the scheme is a defined contribution scheme, or provide at least a minimum benefit if the scheme is a defined benefit scheme.
  • The employer duties will come into force at different times for different employers, with the largest employers affected first and the smallest affected last.
  • The commencement of employer duties will be phased in 43 dates between 1st October 2012 and 1st September 2016.  Every employer has already been allocated one of the 43 staging dates.

We can tell you when enrolment will apply to your business and how you can plan now to reduce future costs.  We will also assist with future changes to payroll and other administration.

Other Pension Information

  • From December 2010 the government proposed to remove the requirement to take an annuity
  • If you have ever changed jobs and think you might have been in a pension scheme in a past employment but cant really remember – Contact Pension Tracing Service or McGregors

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McGregors Corporate – More than just Accountants!

McGregors Corporate are a Member Of Probiz Tax.  We provide Innovative Tax Solutions to Owner Managed Businesses.  We are relentless in helping businesses.  Here are some examples of how we do that:

Accelerate Your Business Growth and get supported with Grant Funding.

Midlands Investor Network – Launch Event and Update

How an FD drives a business when sometimes Accountants are just catching up

We like to keep things simple, for ourselves and our clients;
We build our business by reducing our clients’ business and taxation costs;
We build our business by increasing our clients sales;
We build our business by helping our clients succeed in their business;
It is that simple and we meet you to discuss all these things for free;

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