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Business Challenges that raised over £5,000 for Rainbows Hospice for children and young people

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MGC Hayles, the independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers with an office in Leicester, are partnering Rainbows Hospice for children and young people as their chosen charity and are carrying out a number of fund raising initiatives throughout the year.

As the business has recently merged, Leicester based director, Steven Mugglestone, split the business into seven groups and to help with both business skills and team-working, similar to challenges in The Apprentice, gave each team £100 as a business start-up loan, with a time limit of seven weeks to create one or more businesses to make money, legally and report back in a presentation to all of the company at the end of June.

All of the teams at least doubled their money, with selling initiatives from ice creams, plants to books through to winning two bets on football matches.  One team hosted a quiz night, obtaining prizes from businesses throughout Leicestershire.  Another team went about selling breakfasts, renting out car park spaces and running a stall on Leicester market and perhaps the most ambitious of all the teams hosted a networking Indian banquet for 120 guests, including the Leicester Asian Business Association, the chair of Leicestershire county council, the Leicester Riders and representatives from Air India, all of this done within six weeks, whilst the staff also carried out their day jobs.

In total the challenges raised over £5,300, which is all to be donated to Rainbows.

Leicester director, Steven Mugglestone, commented.  “I think that is fair to say that this proved not only to be a great success for Rainbows, but also for our team and the lessons they have learnt, not only in teamwork, but how quite a lot of the time, you have to ask for help from so many others to make business work.  The only negative though, is that this was started by me asking for seven volunteers, who were to become the team leaders, which I got within 10 minutes.  I doubt if I will get such a quick response to the same request again.



Written by Steven Mugglestone

July 8, 2013 at 7:37 am

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