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McGregors provide business muscle to book-keepers using Squeezeonline:

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Squeeze Provides Key Support to Bookkeepers

As part of the continued development of the online accounts and bookkeeping system, Squeezeonline, Squeeze has announced a key support facility to bookkeepers throughout the UK.

Squeeze has announced the launch of “Bookkeepers Squeeze some support” which is being provided for free to bookkeepers using Squeeze for a number of their small business clients. The support provided to bookkeepers aims to strengthen a bookkeepers’ business support offering and allows them to compete with local accountants, at a fraction of the cost.  Squeeze aims to give “power to the people” as well as helping bookkeepers “to become a real and pro-active business adviser to small businesses”.

The key areas that “Bookkeepers Squeeze some support” * offers include:

  • Direct line to tax and business professionals to discuss latest and relevant strategies
  • Relationship partner to help you provide a full service to your clients
  • Access to key wealth management and tax strategies
  • Direct benefit from referral commissions from tax and wealth strategies
  • Access to key lending, finance and equity funding for your clients
  • Access to government supported grants and lending initiatives
  • Assistance with finance raising including Enterprise Guarantee Scheme loan and overdrafts
  • Assistance with key tax changes and how to discuss/market your clients
  • Access to business growth initiatives and innovation

Significant business, finance and tax support is being provided to Squeeze by McGregors Corporate, the Midlands based firm of entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers providing further support to online accounts and book-keeping business and their growing entrepreneurial client base.  This follows the announcement “Squeezeonline offers business prize to users worth thousands” which outlined how McGregors is providing a free business mentoring and growth service as a prize to selected users of Squeeze.

Bookkeepers who are intending to use Squeeze and would like to benefit from being part of “Bookkeepers Squeeze some support”  should contact Squeeze at to benefit from this support.

Jason Seagrave, a partner in McGregors in Nottingham stated, “We see Squeeze as an important and low costs support service and product to small and growing owner managed businesses and we are committed to helping Squeeze develop their brand and product throughout the UK.  Bookkeepers will find that using Squeeze will be cheaper and far more powerful than their current systems and having to use a third party accountant as well.  We see that this additional support will help all of the parties.  We are also continuing to work with Sage and their online accounting systems develop.

Squeeze was launched in February 2012 and is being developed and promoted with Sage throughout 2012.

For full details of Squeeze and the service that it provides can be found at their website,, and there is a brief video of why Squeeze works, helps small businesses and is so cheap at

Squeeze also has articles and blogs at

* Full support provided to book-keepers using Squeeze for their client base and registered with Squeezeonline


Written by Steven Mugglestone

April 5, 2012 at 3:06 pm

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