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Does your Accountant really have the Ability and Experience to Help Grow Your Business?

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Does your Accountant really have the Ability and Experience to Help Grow Your Business?

And we mean really helping your business grow …….

Ask yourself the question; what should a business look for in an Accountant and Business Adviser to provide your business the advice and support it needs to really grow and prosper?

McGregors Corporate can provide the answer and the real difference, Ability and Experience, delivered by innovative and very approachable finance professionals: Ability and experience ….

  • …. to grow and drive your business with the skills of a commercial Finance Director
  • …. to provide strategic marketing and sales opportunities to grow your business organically
  • …. to control and report your business with the skills of commercial auditors
  • …. to obtain finance to ensure your business continues to grow
  • …. to provide innovative tax saving structures with the skills of imaginative tax specialists
  • …. to control and reduce your costs with utility, insurance and other key supplies associates
  • …. to provide innovative structures to protect and grow your wealth with commercial wealth management specialists
  • …. to maximise your wealth and value of your business when the right times comes for you to sell or retire
  • .… and we hope you will enjoy our company over a drink or two,….even if it’s only a coffee.

Our principals’ backgrounds and experience include many years with international accountancy practices and as commercial financial directors.  We have helped start and build businesses; raise funds from banks, private equity and stock exchange.  We have re-structured and re-launched businesses and helped turn around businesses facing trading issues and we have helped business owners maximise the value of their business when the time is right to sell.

Our aim is to provide the quality, experience and range of service of an international firm at the cost of a local practice, all delivered by really nice people.  With McGregors Corporate, our Ability and Experience will prove to be the real difference.

Ask yourself again, does your accountant really have the Ability and Experience to help grow your business?

Steven Mugglestone BA FCA,
McGregors Corporate, Entrepreneurial Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers
…….Really good for your business

McGregors Corporate are a Member of Probiz Tax, providing Innovative Tax Solutions to Owner Managed Businesses.

T: 0845 519 5659
T: 0121 236 3317


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