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Accelerate Your Business Growth with a Business Growth Forum and get supported with Grant Funding

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Accelerate Your Business and Personal Growth with a Business Growth Forum

Join a dynamic new forum for West Midlands Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and take time to work with like-minded people and acknowledged business growth specialists on growing your business, not just working in it.

Based on market research and practical experience, Owner Managers, CEOs and Entrepreneurs tell us that the biggest challenge they face is balancing six broad issues:


1.  Creating, retaining, realising and extracting personal and family wealth in line with aspirations

2. Sustaining growth against increasingly stiff competition in a changing market

3. Leading the business in the right direction while reducing business and personal risks and exposure

4.  Recruiting, motivating and retaining the right people and exiting the wrong ones with low risk

5.  Establishing and maintaining effective and appropriate financial and funding arrangements

6.  Providing the right operations and facilities to support the business without breaking the bank


The consistent feedback is that if you can get Growth and Leadership right, Wealth follows…


Being a business leader can be a lonely position when trying to make a step change in your company. Often the people around you don’t have the necessary knowledge, skills or experience to help you and the leadership burden falls wholly on your shoulders. This is where Business Growth Forum comes into its own.

About Business Growth Forum


Business Growth Forum is designed for people looking to accelerate and lead growth who don’t have the time or all the internal resources needed to achieve their goals and are open to new ideas from external sources.


It is an initiative from Else Solicitors,, and McGregors Corporate, Birmingham,, the local office of the leading solicitors and accounting firm specialising in the owner managed market, working with Intelligent Business Growth (IBG),, a specialist business growth and business development consultancy. The combination of our deep knowledge of owner managed business and IBG’s practical growth expertise has been proven time and again to deliver the support required to help drive owner managed business forwards.


Business Growth Forum is based on a series of six high impact breakfast seminars designed to provide:


  • Answers to today’s burning questions regarding growth
  • Short, sharp sessions that cut out the waffle
  • Access to like-minded people who want to participate in confidential and challenging discussions
  • Networking opportunities with real business people as opposed to business advisors
  • All in all, a perfect start to the working day

We are looking to bring together like minded business people from across the West Midlands  region in a confidential forum, working in a select group of between 10 and 15. To qualify for membership you need to be a business Owner, Entrepreneur or CEO with an open mind and an interest in growing your business.

Business Growth Forum Taster Session


As a leading local business person, we would like to invite to you a Taster Session for the Birmingham Business Growth Forum on 16th December, 8.30 am at the offices of Else, 39 Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, B3 1HE, so you can experience the potential value that this forum brings and make an informed decision about whether you would like to join. This is a “no strings attached” session with the following structure:


  • Why we have created the Business Growth Forum
  • Why we have done it now and what its objectives are
  • What it covers, including some immediate leading edge ideas on accelerating business growth
  • When the sessions run and what the benefits of joining are
  • Networking

We are inviting carefully targeted people and expect the Taster session to be well attended so the networking element should be worthwhile, with no advisors or consultants other than the session leaders in attendance.


What other people have said about Business Growth Forum


While this is a new venture for in Birmingham the concept is well proven elsewhere and participants from other forums have commented as follows:


“A thoroughly useful and interesting series of events”

“Unstuffy and very practical”

“Perfect for these strange times”

“Great for sharing knowledge and ideas”

“An excellent forum for solving problems”

“Just like having a “dream team” board of non-execs”

“Real ideas that make a difference”

“Worth getting up early for…”


Next Steps


To book your free place at the Business Growth Forum Taster:


Call Christine on 0121 236 3317, or email Dionne at:


We would very much like to see you at the Taster and for you to feel motivated to join the Forum itself.


We understand that the programme has been eligible for potential government funding for Director Development of up to £1,000, under either the Train to Gain programme and the Leadership and Management Advisory Service from Business Link.  Details of this can be obtained from or by calling 0845 600 9966 to apply for this support.


Steven Mugglestone

West Midlands Director

McGregors Corporate

Birmingham Business 365


Written by Steven Mugglestone

November 5, 2010 at 11:02 am

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