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Midlands Investor Network – Outline of Businesses

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Currently the Midlands Investment Network, MIN is working with and will be showcasing the following businesses at the launch event to be held on Tuesday 25th January 2011.

Medical device opportunity

This company has developed a lightweight patient carrying system to carry patients through body scanners.  The innovative board allows the scan to be carried out for 360 degree review with limited interference from the board itself.  The product has been adapted to work with the main scanner manufacturers and these leading electronics businesses fully endorse the use of the system.

Car Conversion Business

This company is a leading niche engineering business and converts a large number of small cars for wheelchair access.  It is a leading business within this area and converts cars to a high OEM standard at affordable prices.  With contracts in place with motor manufacturers and Motability, the business, which has already achieved the Queens Award for Innovation, is seeking to expand production and supply through-out  Europe.

Theatre Angel Opportunity

Mod Crop is a highly entertaining new musical, written by Steve Wallis & Quadrophenia novelist Alan Fletcher.  It proved a huge hit with the public during its debut weeks run at the Nottingham Theatre Royal in June 2009 and subsequent sell out follow up show in 2010.

Mod Crop is based on a published novel and tells a story of coming of age and delves into peer pressure, sex, drugs, music and of course fashion.  With narration by Ray Winstone, clothing supplied by Liam Gallagher’s P’retty Green’ range, and an incredible array of songs (including the classics Gimme Some Lovin’, Crying Game, All Or Nothing, Lazy Sunday and many more) this show is destined for further success.

The production is now looking to take on a West End run.

UV cured car filler

The company has spent 5 years developing an ultra violet light cured car filler and repair composite to replace the current filler/hardener mixture available.  The filler meets European standards for health and safety and is a leading development in this area.  The project was in conjunction with the European Motor Industry Trade Association, is endorsed by that organisation to promote to it’s members and final tests and formulas are being produced.

On-line UK radio station

The company has been developed by a number of leading media entrepreneurs and radio DJs.  Specialising in the over 40 market, the site and programs are already up and running and is proving to be a success with a growing following and high potential for varied income streams.  The company is currently leading the way as an internet based radio broadcaster.

Gas powered car system

The company has developed a small and efficient compressor system which allows overnight charging of gas converted powered cars.  The system can be used for small fleet being refilled from depots or even home private use from the mains gas supply.  The system is ready for larger scale production and is being rolled out through potential leasing groups.

GP referral control software

The company has developed a unique and easy to use software system which allows local GPs to control and monitor their referrals through the NHS system, allowing the GP to work within government guidelines.  The system is already being used by one major area PCT.


We are dealing with various other businesses on an on-going basis and the presenting businesses at the first event may vary to the above.  We already have interest in some of the above businesses for both angel and larger private equity investment, but if you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to outline further details to you directly.

We are also continuing with future events and so would welcome businesses seeking funding for inclusion in future events.

This is not an offer or an invitation to invest, nor is the Midlands Invest Network undertaking any corporate finance activity, regulated by the FSA.  The Midlands Investor Network has solely been put together as a forum to bring together businesses seeking investor with advanced and sophisticated investors, business angels and private equity investors.  The event itself is being hosted only to showcase the individual businesses.  Further investment decisions will be made by the parties independent to the MIN forum and all parties will seek to appoint appropriate independent professional advisers and will take independent advice accordingly together with undertaking appropriate due diligence as necessary.

Steven Mugglestone BA FCA

Area Director
McGregors Corporate

T: 0121 236 3317

Midlands Investor Network

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