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Government is taking a huge gamble with the lives of local families

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Government is taking a huge gamble with the lives of local families

Midlands based Accountants and Business Advisers, McGregors Corporate, have warned the region’s families that the government is taking a huge risk with their futures. Reacting to the Spending Review, West Midlands Regional Director, Steven Mugglestone said:

“We all know that the government had to act. Nevertheless, in seeking to cut our deficit faster than anywhere else in the world at such a fragile stage in the economic recovery they are gambling on an unprecedented scale. Essentially they are betting on businesses in our region, and elsewhere, digging the country out of the hole by filling the gap left by the £81bn in cuts and 490,000 job losses. And that is undoubtedly a very big ask.

If the country is going to avoid the devastating effects of losing that bet, businesses in our region are going to have to step up to the plate by becoming more successful so that they create more demand, more jobs and more wealth. And that means that local entrepreneurs must leave no stone unturned in their drive to become better at everything they do. Simply repeating the past won’t be good enough. Businesses must innovate. They must test new ideas and actions. They must measure how well those innovations work. They must build on the things that are proven to work best, and they must stop doing the things that don’t work so well.

If they don’t, many social commentators say there will be riots on the streets, the R3 Insolvency Professionals association is predicting 148,000 small businesses will fail, the Governor of the Bank of England says that thousands of local families will “face years of pain”, and the country we love so much will change forever.”

He also added:

“To play our part in ensuring that the country wins rather than loses, we are offering a free Business Builder meeting to any of the region’s businesses. Using leading-edge software, systems and thinking, that meeting will help them discover new ways to create more jobs, profits and wealth, and turn them into an improvement action plan so that things really do get better.”

Readers who would like a free Business Builder meeting to help them create more jobs, profits and wealth, can do so by calling Steven Mugglestone at McGregors Corporate, on 0845 519 5659.

T: 0845 519 5659
T: 0121 236 3317


Written by Steven Mugglestone

October 25, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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