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McGregors Launch a Board View Support Service

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McGregors Launch a Board View Support Service

As part of a variety of support to SME owner managed business in the Midlands, and as part of the launch of our new brand and website, McGregors Corporate have launched a Board View/Virtual Finance Director service to our current and future clients.

As many of our directors have worked in business and commerce as well as the accountancy profession, we understand what “pro-active” really means and we look to utilise all of the tools at our disposal and vast experience to ensure that all of our clients can receive the same help and support as much larger businesses.

This does not look just to concentrate on the numbers (but we do use numbers to help you understand and drive your business), but also covers the key areas to ensure that all of our clients effectively work “on their business” rather than just “in their business”.

Helping Support Your Business

Our Board View service will ensure that we help to really support our growing owner managed business client base. This will include a variety of areas but will bring the formality of a monthly board meeting to all of our SME clients and we will help to ensure that this process provides real drive and direction and in terms of value and returns to our clients, our fees will be more than  covered by the profit improvement, cash generation and tax savings that our input will bring.

We can ensure that this fits in with the annual compliance of accounts and tax and will help improve that area as well.

Together with a full and close understanding of our clients’ aims, goals and risk profiles we can work to ensure that appropriate tax planning (and we have access to a variety of help and support) and overall dealings with HMRC are appropriate and really help to support our clients’ short term and strategic aims.

We bring a variety of contacts and experience to businesses and can help a business with outsourced IT support, risk and insurance control, HR and legal support.   We can provide a supportive review of the things that you do and help you ensure that commercial agreements are appropriate for you.

Helping You Operate Your Business More Effectively

As noted above, working on a business rather than just working in a business is a phrase that is banded around.  A key strength in our Board View service is that we will be working to ensure that is exactly what our clients are “encouraged” to do.

The structure of board view helps our clients to understand this and helps them see the benefits from working on their business.  We help our clients see the wood from the trees and free them up to concentrate on the things that matter.  This will involve helping with sensible controlled delegation and appropriate internal controls, building a business that can stand on its own two feet.

Regular and relevant reporting utilising key performance indicators (KPIs) helps our clients to identify and work on the areas that really drive a business and really have a major impact on the bottom line.  Our suite or support starts with a one page plan but provides a variety of tools to help to understand how the numbers affect the business.

We have access to comparative business data from accountants throughout the UK, so as well as bespoke KPIs, we can benchmark our clients’ performance to help them understand what areas need more TLC and what improvement to profits that can be achieved.

We work with our clients to understand the impact of changing prices and gross margins as well as helping model key supplier contracts and costs to the business.  We also work with a number of support businesses to source and provide cost reductions covering a number of support and administrative areas.

Regular monthly meetings and a specific rolling short term cash forecast also means that we can help support our clients’ working capital and cash management.  Helping our clients understand and manage the impact of working capital on their cash flow and helping to ensure that cash is maximised.

Helping You Define and Achieve Your Strategic Aims

We will challenge and help you define your strategic aims and will work with you to achieve those aims.  We have the expertise and experience to help you create, maintain and monitor an appropriate plan and together we will ensure that you get over that final hurdle and achieve your aims.

We work with leading branding, marketing and on-line marketing specialists and we can ensure that you do not miss out on the major impact and huge potential that on-line marketing and use of social networking can bring to our clients’ (as well as our) business.

We help you look at what you are investing your time and money in and ensure that this is appropriately defined, planned, recorded and monitored.

We help to recognise and control the risks that you face and to mitigate those risks as much as possible, and together with input from wealth management expertise, we can help to protect you as well as your business.

We can help you define a plan to the timescale that suits you and your business and help you put the building blocks and key milestones in place to ensure that you are on target.

Finally, together with our corporate finance colleagues and expertise, we can help to ensure that your business is appropriately financed and when the time is right, we can help you maximise it’s value in a potential sale.

Finally when our clients need more help, more than a day or so a month that Board View can provide, we can help our clients source and recruit either part time or full time support to help them develop further.

In summary, Board View is not just an Accountancy service, but aims to provide real added value and to be truly pro-active to help our clients really achieve and grow.

To find out how we can help all SME businesses with Board View, real pro-active support, experience and background or to help you source a part time FD for your business, feel free to contact me at or call me on 0121 236 3317.


Written by Steven Mugglestone

April 20, 2010 at 6:57 pm

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